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Near area
1-2 hour drive a car

Chiang Saen
    Chiang Saen was an ancient town located on the bank of Mekong River. Originally called Wiang Hiran Nakhon , it served as the major city before King Mengrai established Chiang Rai as the capital in 1262. Traces of old double city walls and many other antiquities still remain both within and outside the town. Here you could take a one day tour cross the Mekong river to visit Laos also.
Golden Triangle
   The Golden Triangle is about 9 kilometres from the Chiang Saen old town to the north. This is the junctions of the borders of three countries, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, There are remains of many ancient places and structures. Nearby you may visit the Hall of Opium. †
Long Neck
    These are most commonly known as the Long-Necks, this term signifying the practice of adorning their women with brass rings around the neck. It is from this practice that this tribe has gained the name of "Long Necks" some woman in the Village wears 37 brass rings around her neck and this is considered ideal!         





-Maesalong Morning Market, which located at center of the town   and best visit hours are 6:00am-7:30am.

-Hill Tribe Market, which held at daytime, where you can buy   some charming hill tribe souvenirs and
   local products.
-Tea Plantations, there are several of beautiful tea plantations in   nearby area, the evergreen and cluster  of tea tree will fresh   your mind and you also could visit tea factory discovering tea   making proceeds.

-Srinakarin Chedi Santikiree ( Srinakarin Santikiree Pagoda): is located at summit of the   hill with breathtaking beautiful panorama  views, besides the   pagoda is constructed by traditional Thai style with golden color, is one of the places that we  strong recommend to visit, at the evening   you also can watch the most wonderful sunset on the way  down   from the pagoda.                 



Rong Khun Temple, The amazing Rong Khun Temple, the unique temple is approx 15 minutes drive from Chiang-rai city and †by the creative power of the famous Thai Mural Painter, Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat (Thai National Artist), it is so fascinating and beautiful and being the one of most famous tourist spot of Chiang-rai. Myanmar
Myanmar formerly, known as Burma and it is still more     familiarly known in the West, is a country where magnificent and ancient Buddhist temples gaze out serenely over a nation restless for change.
Wat Tham Pa Asha Thong, This temple is located in Mae Chan district. Established by the venerable Kruba Neuchai, Wat Tham Pa Asha Thong is the only temple in Thailand whose monks and young novices have to go for food offering(make merit) on horseback, tourists might stop by and making food offerings to these monks and novices in the morning.
Doi Tung, where is the site of King 's Mother palace,surrounding by mountains and beautyful garden full with variety of tropical flowers for you to visit, mainwhile, you also could visit Doi Tung Pagoda which is one of oldest pagoda in the northern Thailand.


-Forest Trekking
(Advance booking is required)
Guided and lead by local staff who familiar with local area, on a trekking tour from our place to the isolating Akha village(San Soon Village), Where the simply lunch will be served, during the trip you could touch the forest and well learn about local peopleís religion, language, lifestyle and culture, whole trekking trip may take about 5-6 hours.

-Horse Riding
(Advance booking is required)
Whole riding trip took about 4-5 hours, you can experiencing horseback riding pass through 4-5 hill tribe villages, and whole trip will take care by the horse owner or our local staff, along the way you will pass through rainforest and most trip are taking on dirt road
-Off-Road Trip
You might taken by our four-wheel-drive pick-up truck travel to the most remote destinations in search of rural villages and nature, experiencing the existing of off-road driving, or you also could choose a short trip to the nearby tea plantation just to experiencing of off-road driving and take some close look in the beautiful tea plantation.



Near by area

-General Tuanís Cemetery, General Tuan is establisher       
  of Maesalong who are respected by local people,where you could learn about general Tuan's memoir.

-Chinese Martyrís Memorial Museum, This museum was constructed   by traditional Chinese style building, for the  purpose to pay   respect and kept momory to those soldiers whose lost their life during war, there   also holds an exhibition  about  the history of Maesalong.

-Hilltribe Villages: there are many hilltribe villages (which   belong   to Akha, Lisu, Lahu(Muser),Karen(Longneck),Yao around   this   area, some isolated villages still preserved their own lifestyle well and live in a very simply way, since the recent years,those villages became influenced by outsiders, so we strong recommend the   travelers to visit those hill tribe villages before those  villages   have changed, you will be fascinated with the charm of the hill   tribe people, there also some  special festivity and celebration   held by differ occasion among the hill tribe people.